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How to Buy ?

Our e-shop store is designed to be for  each customer easy to make an order

1. First of all, it is of course necessary to find a product that you are interested in.

2. There are two ways of doing that. The first way is to browse categories on the left side of the page and clicking through to your desired product.

3. In each product you can find information about product category, which you are currently in, it makes orientation as easy as possible.

4. The second way of searching for a product is to use our search bar.

5. Simply write down the name of the product that you are interested in.

6. When you want to add the selected item to the shopping basket, click on the shopping basket icon. Then you will see selected item in the shopping basket.

7. You can continue shopping by choosing another category or by clicking on the “back” button.

8. If you chose a desired product and you moved it to the shopping basket, click on the “shopping basket” icon.

9. You can see an overview of your chosen products. You can also edit the amount of ordered goods or delete items here. You can make the change simply by filling in the field in the “quantity” column, or you can click the “delete” button. After this modification you will continue by clicking on “re-count”.

10. On the next page, after clicking on “next” button, you can see a form in which you can specify the delivery address, method of delivery and payment. You should check all the information carefully and press “submit” button after you agree with the order details. You have now completed your order.

11. When your order will be sent successfully, you will see the message “order has been sent” and at the same time you will also receive an e-mail with your order summary. You can re-check your order details and save or print your order summary by clicking the printer icon.


    from the best materials


    Payment via internet banking or credit card through a secure payment gateway GP webpay.


    If you are not satisfied with our product we will refund your Money within 14 days.


    Our roof boxes come with a 3 year extended warranty.


    Stock of more than 1,000 boxes.

  • DISCOUNT -50%

    Buying directly from the manufacturer you will save up to half the normal price in the shops.


    Our store is among certified online retailers.

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